Cryptococcus histolyticus Stoddard & Cutler

Torula histolytica Stoddard & Cutler, Gray (1936) 13 ; Sampson & Farren (1942) 246.

on Man ; isolated from lesion in the brain of a European woman, Port Elizabeth and of Eurafrican male, Uitenhage, Gray ; from cerebra-spinal fluid of an Indian youth, Durban, Sampson & Farren another case reported from Southern Rhodesia.

Cryptococcus sp.

Hahn (1933) 369 ; St. John-Brooks (1936) 57.

on Man : isolated from spinal fluid in fatal case of blastornycotic meningitis, Pretoria, Pijper.

Torulopsis glutinis (Fres. em. Harrison) Dodge

Torula glutinis Pringsh. & Bilewsky, Davel (1931) 18.

causing red colouration on butter and cheese ; no locality indicated.

Torulopsis mucilaginosa (Jörg.) Ciferri & Redaelli

Rhodotorula mucilaginosa (Jörg.) Harrison.

isolated from coat of mine native, Randfontein Estates (T.R.L. 424, det. Baarn).

Torulopsis utilis (Henneberg) Lodder

used in the manufacture of " food yeast " products, Germiston.

Genus of doubtful position.

Malassezia furfur (Robin) Baillon

Microsporon furfur Robin, Lister (1932) 33, (1939) 45 ; Pirie (1940) 46.

on Man : found in skin scrapings from a rash on body of one patient (1931) ; two cases in 1938, one in 1939 ; quite common in Johannesburg, H. I. Lurie.