2. ENDOMYCETALES (Gymnoascales)


Ashbya gossypii (Ashby & Nowell) Guill.

St. John-Brooks (1936) 14.

Nematospora gossypii Ashby & Nowell, Moore (1930) 13 ; Doidge & Bottomley (1931) 20, 25.


on Gossypium sp., bolls, northern and eastern Transvaal, Magut, Premier Cotton Estates, Moçambique, Moore ; common throughout the more humid parts of the cotton belt, Moore.

Firmiana simplex Wight., Rustenburg, Moore.

Phaseolus vulgaris Linn., ? Northern Transvaal, Moore.

Nematospora corylii Pegl.

Moore (1930) 15 ; Doidge & Bottomley (1931) 20, 25 ; Hopkins (1938 a) 100, (1939 a) 15, 21, (1943) 188.

on Bauhinia galpinii N.E. Br., seeds, Pretoria, Bottomley, 25454.

Crotalaria juncea Linn., Salisbury, Gatooma, Mashangani, Hopkins.

Gossypium sp., bolls, Northern Transvaal, Moore ; Salisbury, Bindura, Concession, Hopkins.

Phaseolus vulgaris Linn., Magut, Parsons, 21220 ; Utrecht, Neethling, 23207, 23208 ; Gamtoos River Valley, Galpin, 26693 ; Penhalonga, Hopkins (Rh. 5615) ; Letaba, Grime, 26573.


Hanseniospora guilliermondii Pijper

Pijper (1928) 989 ; Dodge (1936) 143.

isolated from onychomycosis of European woman, Pretoria, Pijper ; pathogenicity quite probable, but not proved.


Histoplasma capsulatum Darling

Simson & Barnetson (1942) 302.

isolated from lesions in mouth of European usually resident in Southern Rhodesia, Johannesburg, Simson & Barnetson.

Rhinosporidium seeberi (Wernicke) Seeber

Rhinosporidium kinealyi Minchin & Fantham, Simson & Strachan (1937) 83. as Rhinosporidium sp., Zschokke (1913) 641 ; Quinlan & de Kock (1926).

found in infection of the conjunctiva in 5 cases, 2 European and 2 native boys, 1 native adult, Johannesburg and Duivelskloof, Simson & Strachan.

found in tumour from septum nasi of horse, Theiler.

found in tumours situated on Regio Respiratorio of nasal chambers of a mule ; in a second case in tumour on leg and in nasal cavity of mule.


None recorded ; for conidial forms see Eremascaceae imperfectae in the Fungi Imperfecti.


Kloeckerospora uvarum Niehaus

Niehaus (1932) 146.

isolated from Vitis vinifera Linn., bark, Government vineyard, Elsenburg, Niehaus.

Saccharomyces acidi-lactici Grotenf.

Chapman & Baker (1907) ; Doidge (1910) 5.

isolated from ‘leting’ and from kaffir beer, Juritz.


Saccharomyces cerevisiae Hansen

Used in all South African breweries ; as " top yeast " for brewing ales, and as

" bottom yeast " for brewing lager (McKenzie).

Saccharomyces fragilis Jörg.

Chapman & Baker (1907) ; Doidge (1910) 5. isolated from ‘ leting’ and from kaffir beer, Juritz.

Saccharomyces sp.

on Ficus carica Linn., common in ripe fruit after rain, south-western Cape, Dippenaar ; Transvaal, Bottomley.

Saccharomyces sp.

on Litchi sinensis Sonn., fruit, Natal coast and eastern Transvaal, Bottomley.

Saccharomyces spp.

isolated from sputum (? contaminants), Medical Research Institute, Johannesburg, H. I. Lurie.

Saccharomyces spp.

Doidge (1910) 15.

isolated from kaffir beer made from " mabele " (Sorghum caffrorum Beauv.) and maize (Zea mays Linn.).

Many " wild " yeasts occur ; some of those occurring on Mesembryanthemae, fruits of the " marula " (Sclerocarya caffra Sond.) and on other indigenous plants are used by natives for fermenting liquids ; others cause fermentative injury to fruits, food materials, etc. The species used in the wine-making industry have not been identified.

Schizosaccharomyces ovis Quin.

Quin (1943) 107 ; Clark (1946) 154.

in ruminal ingesta of sheep fed on lucerne, Onderstepoort, Quin.