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 Authors:Cooke & Harkness 
 Authors (abbreviated):Cooke & Harkn. 
 Year of publication:1884 
 MycoBank #:224474 
 Name set:Index Fungorum 
 Page #:96 
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 Summary:Fusarium acaciae Cooke & Harkn., Grevillea 12 (64): 96 (1884) [MB#224474] 
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 Medium for sporulation:
 Synonymy:Current name error: record #529494 not found 
 Summary field Y:Fusarium acaciae Cooke & Harkn. 1884 (MB224474) 
 Citations in PubMed:2 
 Last PubMed citation count update:2018-11-04 10:51:55 
 Number of NCBI sequences:111 
 Cumulative PubMed citations:0 
 Cumulative number of NCBI sequences:0 
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