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September 1 2017 Symposium Week 2017 Registration

Venue: CBS-KNAW, Utrecht Uithof.
Registration € 40.-
The symposium discusses speciation in fungi, and naming entities below the species level. In the past, these were dealt with as formae, formae specialis, varieties, races, subspecies and pathovars. Given novel information about hybridisation, disposable chromosomes, toxins and gene flow, the question now arises how to recognise and name species and intraspecies variation. The symposium includes keynote lectures by prominent scientists, as well as selected talks from abstracts, and poster presentations.

Symposium Week 2017

Previous important and successful CBS Symposia had a great impact on the mycological community. The CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre has now started planning the 2017 Symposium week, consisting of three symposia, which will take place from Monday 28 August to Friday 1 September 2017. The week will kick off with the “2nd Symposium on Plant Biomass Conversion by Fungi” (28-29 August), a public symposium, “Fungi and Quality of Life” (evening 29 August), followed by the “Leading Women in Fungal Biology” (30-31 August), and a final symposium “Cryptic Speciation in Classifications” (1 September). The week will close with the opening of the new Building of the CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre in Utrecht, and a fungal barbeque.

Contributed papers are welcome, and they will be selected for either oral or poster presentations. A special volume of Studies in Mycology, based on invited papers from women first authors, will be published following the various presentations.